Todays Events

Today's Events Mar 3, 2015
Event Date and Time
MJ1 Yankees prac @ Armstrong Tue 5pm to 6:30pm 
MJ3 Cubs prac @ Patterson clay Tue 5pm to 6:30pm 
MN 1 Giants prac @ Patterson grass Tue 5pm to 6:30pm 
MN3 Tiger prac @ Hibernia Tue 5pm to 6:30pm 
MP3 Marlins practice @ Tbolt1 Tue 5pm to 6pm 
TBall2 Cardinals practice @ TBolt2 Tue 5pm to 5:45pm 
CP5 Suns practice @ TBolt 2 Tue 5:45pm to 6:45pm 

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Welcome to Spring 2015!

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​We are excited about getting started with practice and games and also breaking ground on our new fields.  We hope to have playable fields ready to play later this  year.

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